ALM Migrator

Migrating ALM Assets


Currently, ALM Migrator and the derived vendor-specific migration tools do not migrate users, custom properties, and time stamps.

To support migrating the time stamps of file revisions, ALM Migrator creates a log file (post processing log file) which includes the following information:

1.       PackageID

2.       PackageName

3.       PackageRevision

4.       PackageCreatedUserID

5.       PackageCreatedUserLogin

6.       PackageCreatedDate

7.       Action

a.       INSERT

b.      UPDATE

c.       DELETE

8.       ArtifactName

9.       ArtifactPath

10.   ArtifactRevisionNumber

11.   ArtifactVersionNumber

12.   ArtifactChangedUserID

13.   ArtifactChangedUserLogin

14.  ArtifactChangedDate

This file can be used by a 3rd party tool to update the database of the target repository with this information. This additional step is required because most vendor SDK's do not support overwriting the time stamps of file revisions for legal and audit requirements.